Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the first of December

The first of December has arrived with a cold blowing ice storm. I awoke at three in the morning to the firs and spruce singing the song of winter . After checking the fire and being too awake to go back to bed, I read a story by Rockwell Kent. The book N. by E, is a tale of sailing to Greenland in a thirty three foot long sail boat from Newfoundland . Rockwell tells a true story of the challenges of a small boat on the huge sea. As the wind blew and the ice was hitting my window I felt that our small house here in the mountains was like a small boat sailing through the huge forest we live in. The cold winters, the wild storms, the deep silence of the wild all are the things Kate and I love the most . So as the winter falls upon us we again take time to look deep inside our lives in the great north woods.
12 01 2008 Don