Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birds in Spring

     One of spring’s gifts here in the northeast is the return and presence of the birds.  First the red-winged blackbirds call out their territorial presence in the marshes and wetlands. Soon after, the robins return, often before the snow has melted, to hop about the cold ground in search of a meal.  The partridges beat their wings to drum a call in hopes of attracting a mate and the white-throated sparrows call out their song from the tips of the tall spruce trees in the woods.

  Eagles and osprey cry out or fly with soft wings over the Utica marsh and West Canada Creek, as great blue herons singly and silently wing their way to quiet, hidden spots among the wetlands tall grasses. Chickadees sing their spring song and other species come through on their north~ so many colors and sizes, a variety of trills, chirrups, calls and pure sweet songs.
     The call I listen for, which touches my spirit, with its melodious piping tune is the wood thrush, a shy bird of the forest that sings early, early morning and later in the day. A pure delight to hear. I wonder at the connection of the birdsong and early spring wildflowers~ and like to believe that the songs wake the woodland ephemerals and trees encouraging their flowering.

    Last weekend I visited a dear friend in western Massachusetts ~a gifted and dedicated gardener and artist who has created such beauty on her land. As we wandered the gardens I saw an elder shrub that was blooming weeks earlier than I would expect. 

Coming closer to investigate, I discovered Robin’s eggs gently cradled in a woven nest of grass, tucked into its branches. Holding the promise of life, the rich vibrant turquoise color stunned me in its beauty. Nature herself paints with a rich palette and sings through our winged friends. Perhaps we also are awakened by birdsong and color in the flowers, reawakening to a season of life and beauty!  Enjoy!

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